About Siu hei 

Siu Hei Lee is a London-based pianist, teacher and music scholar. Siu Hei Lee is seeking a resourceful way to share his research, teaching, work and music internationally.


Business Card



final design

The Process  

I have been working with Siu Hei for a couple of years, started with designing his first logo, business cards and website. 

First logo & Business Card

The meaning behind the first logo was to merge the east and the west. Siu Hei and I picked five adjectives as brand drivers to best align with the personality of the design. They are classy, cultural, fresh, musical and wise. I took the Chinese character "Hei"(羲) in Siu Hei's name and subtly put Siu Hei's initials (Siu Hei Lee) in the character. To add music connotation, the 5 horizontal lines are resembling the staff on the music scores. I picked blue as the main color for this first logo, and I wanted it to be light shades of blue since Siu Hei wanted it to be fresh while still professional. Based on the logo, I was able to generate business card design and website for Siu Hei. 


I have also design and arrange the syllabus for his teaching class and his resume/CV. Here is the first page of each document. 

I picked the Roboto font family for the syllabus rather than the Microsoft Word preset Calibri. I used different font to categorize different word group in order to make the syllabus clearer and simpler, eg. dates in Italic. 


For Siu Hei's resume, I picked Baskerville to replace Times New Roman (Bye Bye). Baskerville is a old serif typeface that was designed in the 1750s by John Baskerville. By using Baskerville, it embellishes the whole Resume to be more classy and elegant. 

Logo v.2

After using the logo and the business cards for around 2 years and Siu Hei had obtained PhD from UCSD in 2018. He wanted to do a refresh for his personal branding. And it's sketches time!


This time I took the "SHL" from Siu Hei Lee's initials and "A" from Siu Hei's English name as the based design. Even though the previous design with Chinese characters shows the east and west cultural intertwined, this current one without Chinese characters is a better representation of Siu Hei's professionalism in the musical industry. I used a didone alike font as the type-logo to show the sophistication and scholarship of Siu Hei. I added the five lines again, to represent the music score's staff, and two music symbols to make the logo "rhythmic". 

Color Palette & Typography

I picked the darker blue this time and gold color for Siu Hei's new branding. Darker blue gives out impression of seriousness and professionalism, while the gold color adds a hinge of prestige. I keep the use of Baskerville because I think it really suits Siu Hei's personality. The Baskerville font family can be traced back to more than 300 years ago, while we are still using in the present days. It tells history but it is still stylish, as Siu Hei is high schooled but not boring. 

Business Card