This Netflix Kids redesign was a project that I worked on based on my personal interest - for practicing UX problem solving and also improving my UI techniques. I really enjoy watching Netflix and I am always amazed that they have a wide collection of movies, tv show and documentaries. One day after I have finished binge-watching the whole Parks and Recreations, I was bored to death and I started exploring around the app trying to see if there is any functions that I've never used. Then I discovered Netflix has a different UI for kid's account but it's not very user friendly for kids.  



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The Problem 

To keep users using it's products, it is better to build brand loyalty among them. Netflix has a large collection of popular contents that range for different ages which makes it pretty family friendly. However, the UI of kid's account is not kid-friendly at all.  Therefore, I decided to take a deep look on Netflix's competitors and redesign Netflix Kids’s homepage to better suit children’s need and taste, in order to Increase children’s incentive to use Netflix Kids comparing with other video-on-demand, streaming or video app.




With no knowledge on designing interfaces for kids or about the targeted market, more research is needed to understand my audiences better. Also, without any actual users to test the UI, I can take examples on how the competitors design and structure their UI.


A mock up of my final redesign of the Netflix app homepage for kids. 

A mock up of my final redesign of the Netflix app homepage for kids. 

A mockup of the Netflix app original homepage for kids account. 

A mockup of the Netflix app original homepage for kids account. 


THe Research Process

I started the project by stating my hypothesis on how better and suitable user-interface will encourage kids to stay with-in the Netflix app to enjoy entertainment. Then follow by learning how to design user-interface for kids and lastly a competitive reviews comparing Netflix Kids with Youtube Kids, PBS Kids and Nick Jr. 

Video-on-demand is increasingly in popularity among parents as they are concerned about children’s privacy online and contents that are delivered to their children. Better and suitable user-interface will encourage children to stay with video-on-demand content rather than going to the unfiltered world wide web and commercials.


Designing for Children
There are four main points when designing user interfaces for children. First, we need to set up challenge or conflict for the kids, so that we wouldn’t feel bored about it. Second, interaction’s feedback is important for kids to know their action leads to a result, otherwise, the kids will mistakenly think that the app is crashed or simply the tablet has broken down. Third, trust needs to be established as the kids will not have confident in using the app if their interaction result was not as they expected. Last, children develops very fast in physical, it is better to design app for different kids group by focus on a two-year age range max. Also, avoid putting any buttons around the edge of the tablet because kids under 3 years old have less motor skills and often touched the edge by accident.


Competitive Reviews

I picked 3 popular video apps in the App store’s top free Kids category to compare with Netflix Kids, They are Youtube Kids (#1), PBS Kids (#9) and Nick Jr. (#10). In order to gain insight from each app, I spent 20 minutes on each app to learn about their features, functions and interactions. I am comparing them in these five areas:

(1) Basic Content
(2) Navigation bar,
(3) Feedbacks,
(4) Functions, and
(5) Parental Control.

To conclude, Netflix Kids offers the best content in this research comparing with the other three apps. However, there is a huge room for improvement on its navigation bar, audio and graphic feedbacks, video control UI and the parental control functions to compromise our young users’ needs.




very simplicit wireframe



Final Design

High-Fidelity Design


Mock Up